This wiki was created for an ISTE presentation in 2011. It is left here unchanged as an archive of how things were in 2011.
We live in a connected world where business is transacted globally, where students at home visit online worlds and interact in real time gaming sites. Schools need to embrace this interactive world to ensure that we are providing our students with meaningful learning experiences. As many schools make the move, or move closer to, 1:1 technology use, we are opening an opportunity for our students to connect and collaborate in online learning communities. With Read/Write capability, Web 2.0 is a medium with which we can do this.

This session is for educators who want to take their use of Web 2.0 a step further - beyond site construction or the posting of information to be commented upon. Instead we will look at the really interactive web, at a range of free websites that allow simultaneous connections where users can collaborate in real time, where the interaction between the online user can, just as effectively, be from within the same room or from the other side of the planet. The workshop will be organised around the type of functionality those sites provide.

As a result of this workshop participants will:
  • Explore collaborative tools that enable students to connect locally and globally
  • Develop confidence in using collaborative websites
  • Evaluate the educational potential of collaborative sites
  • Create and establish a personal online communal presence
  • Develop ideas for creating a dynamic user centered classroom community

The educational value is governed by the richness of the task.

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Image from an animated version of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson
"Changing Education Paradigms"